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The Value of Data

Spring 2024

This class is offered as a seminar in Spring’24. If you are planning to take it to satisfy requirements for a degree, double-check that that is possible. The seminar is focused on answering one question: “what is the value of data?”. Throughout a mix of lectures and paper discussions, we will explore the many dimensions of this question. This seminar explores this question from a multidisciplinary perspective that includes computer science, economics, social science, among others.

A typical session will consist of a short introduction by the instructor, followed by a paper discussion (students are expected to read the assigned papers ahead of the class).

Learning Objectives

In addition to learning about a varied set of topics related to data science, data management, and data economics, the following are the specific learning objectives of this class:

Course Information

Instructor: Raul Castro Fernandez (

Lectures: Friday 9:30am–12:20pm (Central Time)

Prerequisites: Permission from the instructor.

Coursework: Studying the assigned papers ahead of each session. Come ready to discuss and scrutinize ideas with an open mind.

Canvas Site: Go here. We won’t use Canvas. Canvas simply points to this website.

Room: Saieh Hall 247


The schedule is available here. Check it out frequently as the readings for each week will be included here.

The schedule combines lectures with discussion-based sessions led by the instructor. Most lectures and discussion sessions require working on some readings before class.